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A few asset to expand your development posibilities.

Space RTS - Starter Pack

This Starter Kit provides a quick and easy way to build an RTS with a Space setting. Fits perfect for beginners or as a prototype for a look and feel of any amazing space rts you have in mind.

Download: SpaceRTS Demo Demo Windows

Pathfinding Project for Space RTS

This pack grants the integration between Space RTS Starter Pack and the navigation pack A* Pathfinding Project instead of the Unity's built-in NavMesh.

- Space RTS - Starter Pack (link)
- Pathfinding Project (link)

Behavior Designer for Space RTS

This pack grants access to all the features of Space RTS Starter Pack using all the power of behavior trees. Implement your own AI or scripted sequence in an extremely simple way.

- Space RTS - Starter Pack (link)
- Behavior Designer (link)


Some of the download links may be blocked, in order to unlock it please enter the invoice number provided by the Unity Asset Store after the purchase of the respective package. Note that it might take some time to load. Please be patient.

Space RTS - Starter Pack

NullPointerCore Library Source Code

The required package containing the source code of the dll files.
In order to correctly replace the dlls by this source code, please check out the following link.
Download Package:

Some words about me

I'm a enthusiast developer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I've been from several years in the game industry working for local companies on iOS, Android and PC. I'm now in a new stage as Freelancer and working in the AssetStore trying to share all my knowledge and expertice.

My History

Global Fun
Hungry Game

I'm proud to been part of such greatest companies! a long road that i've taken, more than 10 years in the argentinian game development industry. I've been learned a lot, i've shared a lot, i'm been along side with incredibles profesionals and human beings. My most deepest respect.

My Previous Works

Some of the games that i've been involved in the last times are represented here, though this images.

Master of Orion Master of Orion Master of Orion Master of Orion Master of Orion Master of Orion Maldark: Conqueror of all Worlds Maldark: Conqueror of all Worlds Maldark: Conqueror of all Worlds Freaking Inkies Freaking Inkies Freaking Inkies Fly! Kiwi Fly! Fly! Kiwi Fly! Fly! Kiwi Fly! Ben Ten Ben Ten Ben Ten Foster's Home for imaginary friends Foster's Home for imaginary friends Foster's Home for imaginary friends The Minotaur The Minotaur The Minotaur

Have any questions?

Want to send some feedback? have some questions or doubts? I will do everything humanly possible to answer all of them. kind words are also apreciated :). And please, share your projects, i really want to know where and how want to use my assets.

For all general inquiery, use the contact form below or send me a message at:


Want support?

Sadly, for the momment, the only way a can give you some support is through e-mail. But i'm very responsive, so, take for sure that all your inquisitions will be answered. Currently i'm thinking to open a post in the unity's official forum to solve all your questions in a more direct way. when I finally do it, I will advertise through this page and any other means that i can find.

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Want more?

For the moment, I just have only one asset to share, but I want to have more, so please check out my asset store publisher's page.

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